Monday, July 26, 2004

Saturday, July 24, 2004

Tribute To Geoff Eldridge/ old riding buddy

This page Culture runs some comments from Wayne Brady one of the guys that Geoff and I rode with. wayne was probably his most oftne riding buddy and Terry was also a warm favorite. Sadly, Wayne mentions times at the old rock, which I was priviledged to be part of when I eventually caught up to them. They were good times and a good mob... real touching comments from Terry about the funeral... I remeber Terry putting the wings on his casket and him riding up on his KDX but never got to ask him about it... these were some good guys.

Welcome to Australasian Dirt Bike

Was thinking about an old buddy Geoff Eldridge who died here in Nevada in 94 (I think) in an Enduro racving accident with a 4 wheel drive that got on the course!... he ran and owned this mag...Welcome to Australasian Dirt Bike... its been passed on to a corporate mob now but still brings back memories of riding with Geoff and doing the odd article for the Mag. Geoffs Missus sold me his bike for $4000 and I sold it before coming here for $3500... same bike today would still get $3k US... crazy.

Yamaha : WR : WR400F Sooo close

Was looking at this itme when it was at $1800 Yamaha : WR : WR400F then went back at time of auction end... it went for $3400! a 5 year old bike! Bikes have got awful expensive....

Virgin Atlantic Airways Upper Class Suite

Popular Mechanics ran this article Virgin Atlantic Airways Upper Class Suite on Virgin Airways new approach to first class... looks comfy... can even lie down on take off due to strategic airbags... their biggest problem, getting customers to wake up after landing!

Patent Pending in 24 Hours

Patent Pending in 24 Hours - Summary - Law Store - Nolo is a great book showing how to put a patent together. It helps develping a patent dev process and highlights the importance of doing your drawings as soon as possible.

Flash Player on Palm

Flash Player on Palm looks promising but to no avail. I emailed them and no word. Wonder if there is a way of getting the palm player from a Sony device?

Princes Mum was a JW

This article makes the staement that part of Princes new low key image was due to his Mums beliefs as a JW.

Princes Mum was a JW

This article makes the staement that part of Princes new low key image was due to his Mums beliefs as a JW.

Wired News: Bono Moves to Preempt Thieves

This article from Wired News is about US (rock group) trying to stay ahead of file sharing networks by releasing on Apples ITunes network.

Wired News: Bono Moves to Preempt Thieves

This article from Wired News is about US (rock group) trying to stay ahead of file sharing networks by releasing on Apples ITunes network.

Robots as store security at $3000 per month

Gizmodo ran a story today about a new security Robot that has video and flashing lights and 6 wheels for remote patrolling. Price is $3000 per month...

US army food... just add urine

BBC NEWS US army food... just add urine. Article shows new filters enable hydration of food using no 1s.

First look at Vonage�s WiFi phone

First look at Vonage�s WiFi phone - Engadget - This link mentions a new "wireless" based internet phone service.. ie the wireless version of what Sky has been using. This means 2 cents per min to Aus from a coffee shop!

Fuel Cell Technology Breakthrough Claimed

Fuel Cell Technology Breakthrough Claimed. This article talks about a new simpler fuel cell technology but it runs at 500 degrees C! Looks interesting just the same.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Copy-friendly DRM tech

The article Intel, MS and co. to tout copy-friendly DRM tech | The Register speaks about a new copy friendly version of their DRM. Hard to see how they can do this without fingerprinting.

Saturday, July 17, 2004

Added to Blog via email!

This email was added to the blog via email displaying some of the most bleeding edge technology I have seen on the web in a long time. Not necessarily is it earth shatteringly hard to do... in fact its obvious but its just that no ones been able to do it yet... this is really groovy.

Just testing Hello service for logging photos to this blog. This pic is of a little fella we added to our family about a year back. Hes now a terror! Posted by Hello

Electric devices in planes... why Not?

This article by Robert Cringley (famous nerd TV journalist) really hits the nail on the head.

Fancy giving yourself a headache?

Tickle runs an online IQ testing system. I wont tell you what my score was but it was not dissapointing.

For the Homesick

For the homesick here are some great photos to remind you.

Prince Interview in his studio with Larry Graham

The New York Times has run an article with a small interview and in situ exchange with Prince and the family of Larry Graham in Princes studios. Interesting.

A new California Craze

Stand aside Segways, electronic scooters are really taking off in Southern California. This little scooter does not require registration and can be ridden by anyone or 16+ year olds depending on which department of the local police you ask. And its only $300 to boot.


Popular science mag ran a great articleWhooshhh! about the race to find a way to do supersonic flight without the sonic boom that kills public acceptance. On another note a story running on cable recently quoted Richard Branson of Virgin Airways faming saying that if Boeing had won the contract for the Concorde that 3 hour flights from LA to New York would be a standard expectation today. Now its too late to get the flight corridors arranged (ie they make 3 times the noise of a 747 at takeoff!).

Shot of the tragic Concorde crash recently in Paris. Sad end to an era.

If you love Byron Bay

This virtual tour Virtual Byron :: Multimedia Tour does a wonderful job of showing of one of the best spots in Australia. Every significant destination in the world should have a web site as well done. Its where our family hopes to go when I retire some time at the end of this century.

All Time Box Office Films adjusted for inflation

This page Box Office Mojo > All Time Box Officedoes a good job of showing tthe alltime top selling films by taking inflation into consideration. Still the all time biggest seller in history "Gone with the wind", that would have sold $1.2 billion in tickets if it was released today!

Oxygen injection to fight fatigue

The Japan Times Online shows a new chamber type contraption being touted for consumer use to combat a gym workout or other oxygen depleating activity. Unfortunately it only comes in Small and Medium sizes!

Search firms hunt the next dotcom boom

This article Search firms hunt the next dotcom boom does a pretty good job of rounding up the state of the art in terms of where new areas of search engines are moving. Below see an article and link regarding a front runner called blinkx.

Blinkx to replace my Google Bar

Just tried out Blinkx search tool. It has started indexing my main drive and is working brilliantly. The main web indexing has onlty reached 10% of the Net according to them but they are quickly looking to be a contender in this important space. Also note they have a categorization feature that visualizes and groups related sites into a kind of internet map. Ill put a screen shot up later but it looks really interesting.

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