Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Facebook frustration

Ive been looking at Facebook for some time now investigating its various capabilities such as pages (fan pages), groups (centralized themed comments etc), and Personal pages/ walls. The goal is to see if any or all of these can be used to share information about inventions and business plans but at the same time encourage feedback and interaction. The promise of privacy and more open communication is also a big draw. For example I could share more detailed information with prospective investors than with the general public.

After many days investigation I keep running into brick walls. Facebook is so bent on being friend inclusive that it is painful to set up controlled access. The design of the privacy controls is always pushing you to be more open with information that it almost makes it impossible to create tightly confined access to private information. This also applies to people who want to share their life with friends but want to keep their life private from people just outside their (the friends) ring of friends.

Strangly, googlegroups is much better at doing this. The combination of info pages and email reply and post is very convenient and fast. Facebook forces you to go to your facebook page to respond to comments from friends... great for them and their branding but painful for us.

Also another big pain. Group comments and discussion items do not appear on your own wall! This means that you are unaware of activity in the groups you belong to and have to return to look for activity manually... this makes Facebook groups unusable... what shame... soooo, I'm going to try something really out there and experiment with using a Googlegroup as a personal web site!

Why? Because Im sick of not having interaction.

At the moment I am thinking of using a public group for my main pages and a private group (ie invitation only) for more in depth questions to answers. If you want to weigh in on the issue please make a comment below and suggest something better if you cvan think of it... am I missing something with Facebook?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

What's next? zkimmer, Logarex and The Swappery

While the dust settles around the Uniloc case, lots of work is being done on 3 current projects:
  1. zkimmer is now handling much bigger publications. For those of you who dont know zkimmer, basically it is a way of using googlemapsish satellite imagery technology to view magazines, textbooks, fine art and photos... the team just did our first 200 page file so text books look like they are now a solid proposition.
  2. Logarex - the clouds are clearing on this project. It's a high risk long shot and possible follow up to Uniloc. Now that there is a little more time to focus some of the big issues regarding the log tables are starting to get broken down. Maybe fitting a Bluray disk on a USB stick is not impossible...
  3. The swappery - the final pieces to this puzzle are falling into place. This project is being evaluated for patent opportunities but in the meantime I can say that the basic idea is to virtualize everyones libraries of CDs and LPs, and to leverage personal fair use/ and ownership protections to protect buyers and sellers of digital copies that are made available as part of the transaction of physical media. It's got some complexities, but the upside is a business that amounts to a gigantic vitual second hand CD store with a transaction income that exceeds the profit margin Apple gets for its iTunes.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Who is Jim Revitt

It was really disappointing to search Google for mentions of my good friend and supporter Jim Revitt to find only a mish-mash of references to books he's published and references to his community service.

This post is a small attempt to add a little clarity.

Jim is one of Australia's greatest ever journalists. Period.
As a young reporter he traveled to Canada and the US, then to return home to be Australia's eye and ears during the Vietnam war and a correspondent for Australia's national radio and television networks.

I met Jim when he was editor for ABC television Weekend Magazine (video) in Gore Hill Sydney... I remember convincing him to let me have some ABC-TV stickers working with my dad as a pre-teenager.

Since leaving the ABC Jim has been a tireless worker for his community in the northern beaches area of Sydney. While doing this he also supported and edited some of the books written by his talented neice Di Morrisey who has been Australia's biggest selling female authors for some years now.

Hopefully this summary will do Jim a little more justice.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sorry that was a bit cryptic...

Sorry that was a bit cryptic... Im getting ready to go limited beta on a small community classifieds site... Craigslist for towns rather than counties... maybe it will work... Ill send a link soon so you can look if you want...

This morning...

Just spending the morning revving up for the latest experiment 'dlist' going live on Friday Eastern AUS time...
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