Thursday, February 28, 2013

Deposit Button Patent simplify's big cash transactions - $8,000

Ever found it irritating that you may want to sell a car or something else big and expensive like that but you didn't want someone trying to put it on their credit card? The other extreme is to have someone go through the rigmarole of doing a bank transfer when they need to look at your car before they buy? Well this concept is designed to fill that need.

It enables people to make a deposit on a large item, to place it on hold until they can inspect the item and complete the transaction. This is especially important for big or expensive items. It's great for the seller too because it shows them that the buyer is serious.

How would it work?
  • The seller places the ad on their web site advertising the item for sale and its full price.
  • The seller places a "Pay Deposit" button on the site.
  • When the buyer decides they want to place the item on hold with a deposit they click on the "Pay Deposit" button.
  • A screen appears floating above the sellers sales page enabling the buyer to pay for the deposit with their credit card. (There is no need for the seller to go to a separate site to pay)
  • The button status changes to "Deposit Taken"

I came up with this idea after suffering the frustration of not being able to take deposits for my patent sales over the years. Yet again this is a project that is too small for me to poor my effort into so I'm asking you to help me find a home for it...

Patent: Deposit Button Patent
Type: Provisional
Included: Patent specification, drawings, receipt, patent rights and assignment, prior art search (by Ric) and implantation notes.

Flat Tire Alarm Invention up for Sale - $19,000

The original version of this invention came to life after a friend of mine and former neighbor Herb Elliott (the famous runner and business man) asked me how I invent... I said you just solve problems and so he asked his wife for a problem to solve and voila. This is what appeared after some fun brainstorming the problem.

As the tire rotates the arm (see number 32) hits the inside of the tire as it starts to deflate and triggers a noise maker (number 34) to make a noise that can be heard inside the cabin.

Put simply, the idea relies on the simple fact that the space between the hub and the inside of the tire becomes  smaller as a tire deflates. The most simple version of the invention is to just stick something in their that makes a noise when the tire starts to go flat. I also tried to make sure the noise maker was not dependent on electronics but the patent covers using something like a smoke detector beeper to let you know the tire is getting flat...

At the moment the document package only contains the patent and drawings but Ill be adding my development notes and a prior art search in the next few days as the patent get's sold.

Patent: Flat Tire Alarm Patent
Type: Provisional
Included Documents: Specification, drawings, receipt (prior art search and development notes coming soon)
Asking price: (email me to ask)

Download the package to see the patent: (ecrypted) email ricricho at gmail dot com to get the password.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

One click auctions for your site - patent and dev plan $13,500

Over the last year or so the number of really cool transaction technologies has started to get going. The ability to trade with visitors to your site is becoming simpler, faster and more friction-less. This technology is an extension of what we are seeing in that it take the best of what is out there and builds extended selling capabilities such as the auction process into the same easy embedded approach allowing visitors to your site to bid in an auction without having to go to another site or interact with a third party.

If you are interested or know someone who may want to take over this patent please email me at ricricho at gmail dot com. There is also a significant finders fee available to anyone that introduces me to the eventual buyer, just ask me about it.

Patent: Auction Button Patent

Type: Provisional Patent

Included: Prior art search (by me), Implementation strategy notes and an FAQ regarding the tech.

Price: $16,000 AUD

Key features:

  • Ability to conduct auction from your site without going to third party site.
  • Easy to use embedded code
  • Well known and much used overlay interface.

This encrypted package contains the patent as filed. I am also adding additional documents to support the buyer and they will be included as I get to them.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Want to help sell one of Ric’s patents? Maybe you can

Don’t assume that selling patents with Ric is only for the big timers. Many of Ric’s patents are quite low priced so that everyday people can buy them and make a business out of them.

The last 5 patents Ric has sold are in the $16,000-$45,000 range and a few of them involved a broker’s fee where someone helped Ric find a home for the patent.

The patents are usually first advertised here on this blog so you can see what the sale includes and you have everything you need to help find someone you know or do business with who would benefit from having a Ric Richardson invention and patent.

The way it works is this:
  • You register your interest in the form below in working with me as a broker and then
  • Look at the list of patents currently available for sale on the tab above that says "Patents for Sale" and see if you have ideas for any of them... there are over 40 available so tell me your field of interest in the form below and ill try and find a good fit for you.
  • I'll send you the broker terms which are a healthy percentage of the sale price.
  • You tell me what patents you want to help sell.
  • When I sell the patent to a person you introduced me to I pay your broker percentage out of what is paid.

The way I work is that if there are brokers I know who have a good network to sell a patent I will give them a period of time to try and sell the patent and then if no sale eventuates I advertise the patent directly on the site including the sale price with no brokerage fee included.

The reason I do this is because I love inventing but I only have limited time to work on the most important projects. 

So what happens to all the inventions? 

They sit around waiting for me to get to them. I’d rather see them find a great home where people love the idea and want to do something constructive with them, even if I only get a small fraction of the return that I would if I fully developed the idea…

So what do you reckon?
Want to work with me?
Just fill out the form below and let's see if we can work together.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Gmail - canned response problem solved

It seems no one has worked out the reason why Gmail canned responses seem to vanish from time to time. Canned responses are really helpful when you get lots of enquiries and want to send the same info to lots of people simply. The problem has been that you spend a lot of time crafting a good all purposes response and then for some reason it vanishes and is no longer available to use in your replies...

 The answer?

 Check your draft folder! It looks like Gmail stores the canned response templates as draft emails in your draft folder... so when you go through it cleaning up old and unsent emails you will more often than not miss the fact that the draft emails also contain templates for your canned email responses...

Here is a tip....

Since the canned responses do not use the subject field but keep the original subject you are replying to you can name the subject field of the canned response anything you like...

I use something like DO NOT DELETE - Canned response template for "Name of Template"

Does that help? Please make a comment if you think Ive got this wrong...
Thanks for visiting.
The Inventors Association of Australia very kindly hosted me to speak to a roomfull of eager inventors in Brisbane last Wed night. A couple of ladies even came down from Cairns just for the evening so the pressure was on to make it all worthwhile....  the big idea for the night was the idea of segregating yourself into different roles and looking objectively at yourself regarding your value as a entrepreneur versus an inventor versus a manager and getting realistic about what help you need to get your invention out there...
How to fight the tendency to think that as the inventor we are by default the person that must get the project going... and started talking about how to get people with the respective special skills to work with you rather than try and do it yourself... it was a long discussion with a lot of people continuing to ask me about business related problems when my gut instinct was telling me that they really should not have been doing the business but rather finding the right person to partner with so that their strengths cover your weaknesses.

Is my invention worth patenting and how do i patent it?

The simple answer is: if you feel you have to keep your idea secret because you've never seen it done before it is more than probably worth a provisional patent which costs $110.

Once you've got a provisional you can do a more thorough search of the internet and the patent databases, but that takes time and I prefer to risk the $110 provisional filing fee than sit around trying to see if there is something out there already.

It is a bit of a problem asking other people if they think your idea is patentable because most of them are weighin the question against the 5-10k you need to spend to get your full patent application filed... but that is a long way off...

If you file your own provisional patent you have 12 months of protection to work out whether its worth proceeding with a full patent... so at about the 10 month mark is when you need to start putting big chunks of money together to get the patent attorney to file your formal applications depending on which countries you want to patent in... ie its about 5-10k for the US and about 5-7k for Australia.

Hope that begins to answer your question...

Now. How to patent?

I learnt how to patent things myself with this book... Patent pending in 24 hours.

Chose the download ebook format to get it immediately

I used this to understand the main parts of the patent and to come up with my own flavour of patent format... I also found the many examples of provisional patents really helpful in seeing how simple a provisional patent can be compared to the full application... This took the scariness out of doing a provisional for myself.

Here is an example of a patent I wrote myself to give you an idea of what a simplified provisional looks like:

This was an early patent of mine and still had some hiccups in it but it will give you a good idea...

When you have something you think looks like the patent you want to submit got to to set up your account and file it... if you want to be careful just get a patent attorney to give you half an hour to tell you if there is anything deathly wrong with your patent.. should only cost about $200.. fix what you can and file... remember its their job to get you to pay 5k for something that you only want to spend a couple of hundred bucks on until you know the idea is strong so dont let them force you into something...

Go ahead have a go.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Richardson files patent for simultaneous general and local search results - asking price $16k

This patent and Technology has been sold as of Mar 1st 2013.

This invention for a system that allows a localized search result to be shown along with a general search result has been cooking for over 3 or 4 years when I first saw Evernote embed its search results for your own documents with a general Google search result.

I thought "wouldn't it be cool to know if there were search results in a quick driving range for stuff that I was searching the whole net for?" And voila this is it...

Basically it is a means of overlaying the search results of a search engine that ONLY displays close by results was so that it appears below the main search results.

A cool way to implement this is to change the search engine of choice in your browser to the local search engine talked about in the patent and then have your main search results also displayed by choosing Google or Yahoo etc as your secondary search engine.

The above rough drawing is actually from the patent! I don't mess around making things all perfect when I'm writing patents... as soon as the idea is fully formed and the testing proves the viability of the invention I get it filed ASAP. No messing around.

The screen above is the search query page for both the local and general search. You type the search terms in as usual, but also set the search location (usually your postcode), the distance you want to search ie within 10k 20 50 etc and the search engine you want to use for the main results.

The results page is a Google Search result with an overlay showing very local results at the bottom of the page. I started doing this for my self just using two Google search criteria: one for a general search and the second for a Google search with the postcode added to the search string... but the obvious opportunity is there for a local search or classifieds web site to service people who dont want to get results from all over the place.

The business model is pretty interesting too. Because only local results are displayed in the local search results page, it encourages people to fill that valuable space with relevant products, services or information. For example, I search for guitars on the net and I see that a local store sells guitars but not the model I'm interested in... I could place an add instantly to let others know that I am looking for a guitar  and it will appear in future searches by other local people looking at the search term guitar... pretty cool.

Again, I am not stopping the train to find a home for this invention so I'm letting it go to someone who will give it a good shot for the cost of my time... I'm asking $16k AUD. Email your interest to ricricho AT gmail dot com.

Title: System for display of multiple search engine results from a single query
Filed: 6th Feb 2013
Asking price: $16,000 AUD
Included: Patent, Assignment of all rights, My own search results/ prior art search, Patent strategy paper and Product Development strategy paper.

This patent is in a very busy space so the commissioning of your own prior art search using a patent lawyer may be a good idea for your own piece of mind... Im happy to wait for you to have the search done as long as you are happy to place a 20% deposit on the purchase to avoid having someone else buy it out from under you.

Here is how it works:

1. You download the encrypted patent package from this address:

2. You request a password from me . Please give me enough information to ensure that I am happy that you are a serious buyer as I don't think the eventual buyer will want a whole lot of people looking at the patent they've bought.I send the complete info to you.

3. (optional) you send me a 20% deposit and proceed to get the prior art search done (usually 1.5-2.5k in price/ I can recommend some good patent lawyers) this usually takes 10 days or less.

4. The remainder is paid and I sign the patent assignment and release and the patent is YOURS.

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