Ric and Karen have a cause that they have decided to support with 100% of their extra funds. They have explored the organization thoroughly and are fully confident that their contribution will be honourably and carefully used.

Please respect our decision by NOT asking for support for individuals or for other organizations however worthy you feel they are for support.

Unfortunately the world is full of people in need, and frequently the help provided does nothing to help the long term benefit of the eventual recipients. The cause Ric supports helps people to learn how to fish rather than simply giving them a fish. It is a worldwide work that is currently helping many millions of people.

Further, Ric does not want to spend time managing money or investigating organizations in need. His only philanthropic activity besides the cause that he and his wife support is his limited pro-bono work with inventors which he limits to some Friday mornings on a regular basis.

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  1. Congratulations Ric and Karen. As a software developer who does not view Microsoft in a favorable light to say the least, it's a joy to see they've admitted theft of your idea and compensated you.
    More worthy of congratulation is the fine use you are both putting some of those funds toward. The worldwide work you are assisting is indeed providing immediate and lasting benefits to those who take up the opportunity.


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