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In memory of Geoff Eldridge

2:56 PM
I have lots of good memories of Geoff and every time I look for his mention on the net.. more and more of the pages seem to vanish so Im goi...

Geoffs old Caddy

2:44 PM
I remember Geoff and Vicki having this thing... found it on the web... brings back memories... This pick and text is from a Caddy Club site....

More Eldridge Memories

2:43 PM
. Culture Published on: 7/10/2004   Last Visited: 7/10/2004 Geoff Eldridge had many friends,...

Remembering Geoff Eldridge

2:40 PM
An article that remenisces about GE The First Ride by Ray Ryan Reproduced with permission by Australasian Dirt Bike magazine   Geoff Eldridg...

Memories of Geoff

2:35 PM
From the message baord. From: Rory McDonald Central Queensland, Australia ...


7:31 PM
Listing of some of the research articles and stories relating to Dirt Bike riding, surfing and playing music: Listing of riding spots I'...
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