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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ric’s Songs: Black Mountain Woman

This song was written by my good mate Steve Cox. He also did the lyrics on this. He’ll probably throttle me for making it public as he is now professional vocalist and guitarist. I think he did great for one of his first vocal recordings.

Steve always came out of a completely different place from me with his song writing, but looking back it was some of the best fun I ever had capturing songs on the little 4 track. This was recorded some time in the 80’s.

A link to the mp3 is here.

Ric’s Songs: Lonely in the City

This song has been recorded multiple times and ill add the earlier versions to this one if you are interested in hearing its progressive treatment.

Although the song has strong feelings for me as the songwriter it still doesn’t seem to work except for the guitar solo which I’m ashamed to say is out of tune! But I’ve got the resources to do it right so ill keep trying.


The song is about loneliness and how you can be as lonely in a city as you are in the desert. A bit negative but a great starting point for a guitar solo full of angst.

This version was recorded in a studio that housed a great old desk owned by a good friend Buzz Bidstrup. The desk was from Air Studios in London and had a real sweet authentic sound not that you could tell from this recording… unfortunately all I have from the sessions was a quick master I did to tape so its as good as it can be for the moment.

An original recording done with a mic stuck up high on a wall in as room can be heard here.


Ric’s Songs – Rock n Roll (B52’s-ish Zep Cover)

This was recorded around the time that the B-52s “Love Shack” was popular. Steve and I had just listened to it and started to get back into our Led Zep music when the idea came up what if the B-52’s did Zep?

Making a hamer-ing 4/4 pounder lilt into a swing shuffle sounds like a no-no but it still comes across as a fun idea.

Steve on programmed drums and background party noise. This was really fun to record on 4 track.

Ric’s Songs – Freedom (Hendrix Cover)

This cover of a Hendrix song came about due to hearing Hendrix’s original as I was messing with a grungy sampling keyboard bass sound. It just shouted for a heavier remake.
Its only a 4 track and with me singing (and a bit out of key often) its a wonder that it still sounds interesting. But I’ve always liked the direction of this arrangement/ approach.
Steve Cox programmed the drums and generally acted as a taste director!

Click to listen

Maybe it’s worth a remake?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Song No 13: How I feel

Sorry but it takes a few seconds to start as I don’t have any handy editing software at the moment.

This song was written back in the eighty’s  using a drop G tuning and was one of my first attempts at writing a “lovey dovey” song. This song only had the first verse and chorus written at the time but it coincided with the putting together of a bunch of pretty good players to make it more special.

Sven Knudsen is singing the vocals. He had been doing Led Zeppish work in Europe before this and his strong  character of vocals matched with Steve Cox’s lyrical drumming and a good mate of his on bass, made it turn into something more special than I had imagined.
Since this I have completed the lyrics (it only took 20 years!) and am know waiting for the right band members to be available to record it properly.


Here are the lyrics as they stand at the moment:

Verse 1
How I feel, I don’t know, If you love me
And I cant, No I cant, Let it go
All the dam-,-age it does, Cuts so deeply –
Right down in my soul
And I cant sit down, And let it all roll by

The moment I saw you there, I knew what laid in store
What craziness drives me, You wont let me know for sure
And I cant take any more

Verse 2
All the time, That I cared, Seems so useless
Sure don’t seem, To have done, Much at all
Now your there, Just don’t care,If I’m aching – my heart is so cold
And I cant back down, And let it all pass by

The moment I saw you there, I knew what laid in store
What craziness drives me, You wont let me know for sure
And I cant take any more

Guitar break

Verse 3
To live life, without you’ – d, be so lonely
and it’s real, that I may, never know
What its like , To be loved, really deeply
for the man that I am
But I cant take this, And later wonder why

The moment I saw you there, I knew what laid in store
What craziness drives me, You wont let me know for sure
So im walking right outa that door

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Song No. 14 – Zep Test (Unnamed)

For those out there that are the “creative type” you’ll know what I’m talk about when I rattle on about having an alternative creative outlet. For me it’s having a go at writing music.
This song is a big experiment for me. I started out with a riff and a bridge on slide guitar really recorded roughly (through my webcam audio would you believe).
Then I started experimenting with a piece of software called Sequel which I then used to edit down the rough guitar audio into sections and added a basic drum arrangement.
The first rough arrangement I recorded to MP3 and can be heard here. This is by no means anything like finished but I hope to use it to experiment with arrangements and try different vocal arrangements.

Note: This is only a very rough initial demo without vocals

Link to the MP3 is here. 

In the near future I will be putting mp3s here for each of the guys I am auditioning to play the various parts in the song… drums, bass and vocal.
Vocal Audition Demo
I hope my old mate Sven will have a go at doing the vocals for this. When I get it done Ill have a vocal audition mp3 here that allows Sven to listen to my vocal arrangement on the left channel and the drums, guitar and bass on the right stereo channel. Sven can listen to my vocal idea on the left and then turn me off and listen to the arrangement without vocals so he can come up with his own thing after hearing my idea. He can even sig over the right channel and send the file to me to share his ideas.
I plan to do the same for the bass and drums so that the guys I audition can hear what the idea is and work on it at home before submitting their ideas.
If you would like to hear this music as it evolves please make comments below and Ill make sure you get an invite to come back whenever this song is updated… maybe it will have a song title soon!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ric's song No. 2 - High School Exam Piece

Music: Instrumental; two interplaying acoustic guitars. Written about 1980 in Ric's final year at High School.

This song was originally written as part of my High School Certificate music exams. I had selected it as a piece to use for a perofrmance major but my teacher said I would have got a much higher grade if I used it as a composition major which was a downer but a nice compliment.The music comprises a Led Zeppish "Stairway to Heaven" style falling arpeggio with a middle section of light strumming and a lead line incorporating harmonics and ascending diatonic scales. A school freind named Gary Spring accompanied me when i performed it during the exam.

The version here is a re-recording I did later on when I started to learn how to use drum machines and multi-track recorders.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Ric's song No. 4 - Epping Studio Jam

After recording the soundtrack for the short film about off-road racing we used the remaining booked studio time to put down a jam between my good mate Steve Cox and I. At the time we used to play together in his whole floor sized bedroom at his parents house in Castle Crag in Sydney.

Ric's song No. 5 - Drive Like Hell

This song was written for a short film that accompanied the Australian release of  the film "The Muppet Movie" during it's theater release in the early 80's. The song was meant to capture the power of off-road racing. I was sitting with my Dad who was the producer of the short listening to music and when he heard one of Pink Floyd's songs and said that he'd like something like that.

"Drive like hell" was recorded in a home studio of a guy who lived in Epping near Sydney.

Ric's song No. 3 - Move It

This song was written for a short film that accompanied the release of Aussie film "Man from Snowy River" during it's theatre release around the world back in the early 80's. The song was meant to capture the energy of the then growing BMX craze. I was sitting with the producer of the short listening to music and when he heard Devo's song Whip It, he said "that's it... but I want to it to sound more green" and the song Move It was the result.

I wrote this piece just fresh out of high school at the age of 18 or 19.

Move It was recorded in Rhinoceros Studio's which had just opened. In fact I think Andrew who ran the studio said we were his second customers ever. Rhino later went on to become the home ground and owned by Australia's major music export INXS with whom I worked as a computer music guy at Tim Farriss's home studio from time to time.

I recorded the track with the help of my good mate Steve Cox and two of his friends on keyboard and bass. The session took about 2 hours and Andrew, the studio owner, did a second mix for us at no charge. What a great way to enter the music business.

One of the best things about this recording was the lesson it taught me about copyright since for years after I used to get a check in the mail every so often for the performance royalty of the movie from APRA, an Australian organization that tracks songwriters rights globally.

Listing of Ric's Songs and Music pieces

Throughout my life I’ve loved music. Playing it with good friends and even at times having a go at writing a song or two.

Below is a list of songs that I’ve written or recorded over the years and gradually I'll complete the list as I compile either recordings or video.

Here is a quicklink for Ric to edit this list.

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